Coronavirus Statement

We are a brand new hotel in Moss Landing, and we promise our guests to provide the highest standards of cleanliness. From the check in process to the in-room experience, at most care is taken to create a safe and healthy environment. With the goal of providing memorable experience, we constantly strive to exceed expectations by providing comfortable accommodations with refined, friendly service. We constantly monitor CDC and WHO guidelines and take necessary steps to keep up with the industry standards for cleaning and disinfecting.

Inn At Moss Landing Point is perfect for your next getaway, including:

  1. Staircases as an alternative to elevators
  2. Windows that can easily open
  3. Self-parking
  4. Pet friendly rooms (upon request)
  5. Uncrowded public spaces

Important key items to expect on your next stay:


  1. Masks must be worn by all guests with complimentary masks available. Hotel staff members wear masks at all times.
  2. Front Desk experience includes plexiglass dividers
  3. Enhanced cleanliness measures are in place including frequent cleaning of door handles, the front desk countertop, room keys, and public restrooms
  4. Hand Sanitizer is available at the front desk, and on each floor
  5. Hotel Building have stairs as a contact-free alternative to elevators
  6. Contactless Check In allows guests to check in using a smartphone, and all they need to do is collect the key cards upon arrival.


  1. After guest check out, housekeeping staff members carefully disinfect the rooms with at most care towards high touch items and hard surfaces. Housekeeping unfortunately is not provided during stays.
  2. Guest requests, including linens and towels, will be delivered to the door to minimize the contact.

We would like to take an opportunity to extend our gratitude for choosing to stay at Inn At Moss Landing Point and we look forward to providing the best experience!